If you made it to this page, it probably means you are feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed by the ever changing online world. I am here for you! 

As a small business owner, it can be overwhelming to try and and do it all- creating, planning, posting, sharing, and networking. Let me help you build a strategy that is right for your brand, needs, and skillset! 


Profile Audit

So you've been posting for a while and feel like you have gotten the hang of things but need an outside opinion to weigh in on your work? In this session we break down your posts and stories, captions, etc to see what works, where you can improve, and what may need to be left behind all together.

Social Media Bootcamp

Now, I am not claiming that I can teach you everything I have learned in my 7+ years in social media marketing in just 1.5 hours, but I will do my best. In this intensive session we will map out a plan for your social media platforms starting with branding and continuing all the way down into exactly what content you should be creating, and more.

Reels & Tiktok Training

Videos are the hottest trend right now on social media and creating captivating video content is the greatest skill in any creator's tool-kit. In this session, you will discover simple hacks to help make seamless transitions, jump on trends, and grab your audience's attention through 15 -30 second videos.

Jazzie helped me with my Instagram and I really couldn’t recommend her enough. From rebranding me completely to helping me create a clear and concise Instagram strategy I doubled my following in just a few days. There is little Jazzie doesn’t know about insta and I really recommend her.
Helena Baker
English Speaking Networking
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