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Social Media Manager Training Program


We will be working with a select number of aspiring social media managers to train, guide, mentor and launch their social media career. 

Do you want to be one of them?


We are currently taking applications for our second cohort! You will need to apply and if selected you will:

  • Take part in a 2-day, 10 hour in-person training program in Jerusalem.
    • Learning to work with clients
    • Learning the ins and outs of different platforms
    • Learning to conceptualize the work.
    • Learning to decipher and use analytics.
    • Upon successful completion (and with agreement from both you and JLM Social) you will be accepted to the 3 month internship.
  • Be offered to take part in a 3 month highly supervised internship to gain experience.
    • You will be assigned a client for approximately 8 hours a week of work.
    • You will receive a stipend.
    • Regular one-on-one mentoring on your work with the client.
    • Weekly follow up meetings with your cohort for support and exchange of ideas.
  • At the successful completion of the 3 month internship JLM will consider you a full consultant:

    • You will be offered jobs which you can choose to accept or decline. The rate will be negotiated for you (often at a higher rate than you could negotiate yourself).
    • You can choose to work as many or as few jobs as you choose with our clients.
    • We will take care of all the billing and pay you regularly without your having to bill or run after clients to pay.
    • You can work on your own jobs as well as take on jobs offered by JLM social.
    • You will continue to be part of the team and take part in regular meetings if you choose. This will allow you to exchange ideas and have access to other helpful accounts.


The cost for taking part in the training program is 1500 NIS. Assuming successful completion of the training program, if you choose to continue with the internship you will receive a stipend of 1000 NIS. 

To apply for our training program please email jazzie@jlmsocial.com and attach your CV.  If you have follow up questions, you can email us as well.

What comes after?

Upon completion of the training program, if you choose to continue with us, we will find, negotiate and manage jobs for social media managers at an ongoing rate which lowers as you become more experienced. Here’s why you might want to work with us:
  • We make the business end easy for you.
    • We help you find clients!
    • We negotiate prices.
    • We take care of vetting the business
    • We take care of all billing.
    • You get paid regularly, without worrying if the bills have been paid.
  • We help you with content creation
    • We provide you with a “starter kit” full of helpful documents.
    • We help you build packages to offer clients.
    • We guide you on analytics and number crunching.
    • We provide you with templates to use for reporting to clients.
    • We provide cross connections to other content creators to help growth.
    • We supply monthly updates on changes in algorithms and developments.
    • Annual professional development opportunities. 
  • You can always accept or decline a job.
  • You can continue building your own client base as you work with JLM social.